Italian Desserts Menu

Tiramisu, gelato, panna cotta, and a delightful assortment of Italian ice cream

Italian Desserts Menu Acocks Green, Birmingham

Birmingham’s finest selection of authentic, freshly prepared Italian dessert favourites


Fresh Pineapple & Ice Cream £5.99
Fresh cut pineapple served with truly Italian ice cream and whipped cream

Fresh Melon & Vanilla Ice Cream £5.20
Melon filled with vanilla ice cream

Mixed Ice Choices £5.50
Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla & Pistachio full flavour genuine Italian ices served with whipped cream.

Cassata Gelato £4.95
A traditional Sicilian ice cream

Banana Split £4.50
Served with whipped cream and ice cream

Profiteroles £5.20
Chocolate Beignets filled with Cream Anglaise covered in dark glazed chocolate

Torta Tiramisu £5.50
It means Pick me up. Savoiardi biscuits soaked in coffee and Marsala wine laid in Mascarpone topped with cocoa powder.

Torta Amaretto £5.75
A layer of pastry and chantilly cream with Amaretti biscuits with a scoop of Italian Pistachio ice cream!

Mix Cheeses £8.85
A selection of Italian cheeses with butter and biscuits

Torta Selva Nera £5.75
Very popular chocolate sponge cake with strawberry ice cream

Torta Di Formaggio £5.10

Panna Cotta £4.99
Light cream set dessert

Hot Drinks

Coffee Filtered £2.45
Coffee Decaff £2.45
Coffee Espresso (small) £2.65
Coffee Espresso (Large) £2.95
Coffee Cappuccino £2.95

Caffe Latte £2.95
Mochaccino £2.95
Macchiato £2.95
Hot Chocolate £2.95
Tea £2.45
Herbal Tea £2.75
Liqueur Coffee £5.45

Liqueurs & Specialities

per Shot

Pimms No.1 £3.50
Malibu £3.50
Tequila lose Cuervo Amaretto £3.99
Drambuie £3.99
Tia Maria £3.99
Cointreau £3.99
Gran Marnier £3.99
Benedictine £3.99
Campari £3.59
Archers £3.50
Cherry Brandy £4.20
Sambuca (Black & White) £2.99
Baileys £3.80
Limoncello £2.99
Strega £3.99
Amaro £3.99
Grappa £3.99

Specials by the Glass

Calvados 25ml £5.99
The Pride of Normandy Since 1533
Calvados is the distillation of hand-picked apples, the real delights come from the Pays d’Auge recognised as Calvados’s finest region. Jehan Foucard selects only the ripest apples from his orchard and produces the best aged Calvados. Vielle Reserve, Jehan Foucart (per 25ml)

Armagnacs 25ml £9.99
The exclusive range of Artisans. Vintage Armagnacs are fast becoming a rarity. The greatest pleasure can be obtained from tasting our collection of old vintages where time has unfolded their magical flavour. 1972 Michele Faure, Nogaro (per 25ml)

Soandre 75cl bottle £30.00
Our Special Sweet Wine
Late harvested Verduzzo grapes, Light gold, aromas of pear drops, taste recalling honey and ripened Kiwi’s give a delicate sweet sensation. To enjoy before or after a meal. 125ml £6.35

Acocks Green Tiramisu Tea

Prices include V.A.T – Service Charges not included. Gratuities are left to your discretion.
A service charge of 10% will be added for parties of 7 or more.

Restaurant Food Allergy Advice

If you have any specific dietary needs, please inform a member of staff.

Allergy Advice
If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, please let us know upon placing your order. Every care is taken to avoid any cross-contamination when processing a specific allergen-free order. We do however work in a kitchen that processes allergenic ingredients and not have a specific allergen-free zone.

Restaurant Food Allergy Advice
Allergy Advice