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White Wine By The Bottle

175ml Glass75cl
1. Pinot Grigio, Palazzo Pisano, DOC, Venezia
Light silver colour. An aroma of fresh citrus with banana skin and pears. Easy drinking and clean
2. Falanghina Del Beneventano Campania, Bianco, Indomito, Italy
A light lucid colour, a gentle aromatic wine with a fine abundant fruit palate with lychee and pear drops on the finish.
3. Bianco di Custoza, Corte Sant’Arcadio, DOC, Lake Garda
Produced in the South East hills of Lake Garda, Made from Gorganega, Trebbiano, Toscana, Tocai and Cortese grapes. Reflective yellow with greenish tints. Floral aroma, a taste of exotic fruit and ripe minerals. Creamy texture with a refreshing dryness.
4. Bacchus Kabinett, Gau-Odernheimer, Rheinhessen, Germany (Medium Sweet)
Unique Bacchus grape. Silvery colour, an impressive bouquet of sweet ripe apple, a delicious hint of elderflower with a medium flowing sweet finish.
5. Frascati Superiore, Casale Mattia, Lazio, Italy
Brilliant yellow with pale green reflections. Vivid honey Malvasia aromas enhanced by an expressive grapiness. Uplifting experience on the palate.
6. Riesling Doc, Azienda Vanzini, Oltrepò Pavese, Lombardia Pavia, Italy (Dry)
100% Reisling grapes. Reflective silver-gold colour, the perfume of vine flowers with a hint of apricot in the mouth and a flowing sense of fruity lightness.
7. Pinot Nero Doc, Vinificato Bianco, Azienda Vanzini, Oltrepò Pavese, Lombardia Pavia, Italy
Slightly fizzy to keep freshness. Exclusive wine from black Pinot Nero grapes into a rare white wine. Brilliantly clear silvery colour with gold tinges. Aromas of fresh tropical fruit, vibrant and lifted white floral notes, with an enjoyable tingling freshness
8. Gavi, Tenuta Del Melo, Organic, Piemonte, Italy
Cortese grape. Light silver colour, full of peachy tropical fruit and modern lightness, but still plenty of fresh lemons on the palate.
9. Pinot Grigio Cru, Todajo Venezia doc Veneto, Bosco Del Merlo, Lison Pramaggiore, Italy
A famous cru from Lison Pramaggiore. Light pale colour with smokey reflections, an intense and well-defined bouquet of nutmeg and acacia blossom with a dry, full fruit taste of aromatic lychees.

Sweet Wine

10. Soandre, Dolce Passita, Bosco Del Merlo, Venezia, Italy
Light silver in colour. The aroma of fresh citrus with banana skin and pears. Easy drinking and clean.

Rosé Wine

11. Zinfandel Rosé, Pelican Plot, California, USA (Medium Sweet)
Light silver in colour. The aroma of fresh citrus with banana skin and pears. Easy drinking and clean.
12. Bardolino Chiaretto, Rosato, Corte Sant’Arcadio, Verano, Italy
Bright pink colour. the sweet smell of rosehips, tangy, lively fruit and bitter cherries. Medium dry with a mouth-watering finish

Vintage Prosecco

13. Prosecco Spumante Brut, Millesimato, (Vintage), Bosco Del Merlo, Friuli-Venezia, Giulia
Master Gold Medal 2019 Pale, clear colour. Gentle, persistent light bubbles, refreshing flavours of lemon and vanilla with an enjoyable finish leaving the palate clean.


14. Laurent Perrier, Brut, Tours Sur Marne, France
Light golden with a crispy Quincey nose, rich white berry flavours and a delightful lemon finish
15. Bollinger Special Cuvée, Ay, France
High percentage of Pinot Noir grapes gives this Champagne a superbly full-bodied taste, dry with apricots on the nose and toasty oak flavours.
16. Laurent Perrier Rosé, Brut, Tours Sur Marne, France
The definitive Rosé Champagne. Soft, strawberry aromas and a gentle mousse. Ripe fruit upfront on the palate and a long, mouthwatering finish.

Red Wine By The Bottle

17. Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, Carlo Magno, Cantine Ferliga, Abruzzo
Light silver in colour. The aroma of fresh citrus with banana skin and pears. Easy drinking and clean.
18. Nero D’Avola, Appassimento, Tank 26, Cantine Minini, Puglia
Silver Medal: Late picked sundried Nero d’Avola grapes from old vines. Intense dark red colour, aroma hint of raisins, taste of cherries, raspberries, sweet spices and chocolate, rich long finish.
19. Primitivo Del Salento, Villa Mottura, Puglia, Italy
Opaque red with red highlights aromas vanilla sweet damson, mellow little red fruits, mint with backgrounds of oak melting texture.
20. Bardolino Classico, Corte Sant’Arcadio, Verona, Italy
Attractive pinky-red coloured wine with a fragrance of crushed raspberries on the nose, cheery fruit flavours give a refreshing finish.
21. Merlot. Costa Magna, Casale Mattia, Lazio, Italy
An engaging Merlot from the Frascati region. Warm plum and cherry flavours, a playful, slightly spicy, blackcurrant, fruity nose and a velvety smooth finish with lingering hints of oak.
22. Nero Di Troia, Rocca, IGT, Puglia *New*
Troia grapes originally from troy. Intense red garnet highlights with a perfume of violets. Dark dried cherries infused with smoky plums. Full texture and long on the palate.

Fine Vintages

Some vintages may carry sediment which is a sign of quality.

23. Valpolicella Ripasso, Casa Al Pruno, Verona 2016
Deep garnet red. Nose of ripe cherries and vanilla effusing onto a palate of raisin spice and smoke. The lovely background of hazelnut gives a long soft finish. Full-bodied.
24. Bellamarsilla, Morellino Di Scansano, Poggio Argentiera, Maremma, Tuscany 2016
90/100 – James Suckling & Wine Spectator. 85% Sangiovese and 15% Ciliegiolo. This attractive reflective red with ripe cherry and strawberry aromas. Delicious Sangiovese fruit flavours shine through with Tuscan charm natural savoury notes beautiful taste due to the Mediterranean climate
25. Chianti Classico Riserva, La Madonnina, Triacca, Greve, Tuscany, Italy, 2016
Highly rated in ‘Gambero Rosso’, Vini d’Italia. Full deep ruby with inky tints. Hefty autumnal damsons and an opulent sweetened juicy cherry finish.
26. Super Tuscan, Toscano, Il Mandorlo, Tenuta, Triacca, Greve, Tuscany, 2011 *New*
70% Cabernet Sauvignon 30% Sangiovese. Warm dark colour with red tints. Bouquet surging with cedar and black damsons with a lovely flavour of ripe mulberries.
27. Indré 1356, Castello Do Montegrosso, Piemonte, Italy, 1998
The true Barolo ancient grape variety. A rare treasure from the past. Rich garnet red, a sensational bouquet of dark red berries, taste of smoky fruit, truffle and liquorice. Full-bodied with immense expansion on the palate.
28. Amarone Classico, Riservo, Le Viole, Accordini, Veneto, 2005
Rondinella, Corvina and Molinera grapes. This vintage is extraordinary. Deep red colour with an impressive bouquet of crushed blackcurrant, fresh dates and sweetness in the palate displaying freshness.
29. Barolo Preda DOCG Sarmassa, Borgogno, Piemonte, Italy, 2003
Red colour with a ruby rim, very fine tannins with aromas of strawberry and rose water. Full-bodied, very soft with an appealing mineral character.

Soft Drinks

Coke or Diet Coke (Bottle) £2.85
Lemonade £2.50
Soda £1.50
J2O (Bottle) £2.75
Sparkling Britvic (Bottle) £2.85

Orange Juice £2.65
Water (500ml Bottle) £3.25
Still or Sparkling

Tonic Water 125ml £1.99
Ginger Ale 125ml £1.99
Bitter Lemon 125ml £1.99

Bottled Beer

Stella 330ml £3.45
Corona 330ml £3.45
Moretti 330ml £3.50
Beck’s Blue 275ml £3.45


Whisky Bell’s 25ml £3.99
Jameson Irish 25ml £3.99
Jack Daniels 25ml £4.25


1972 Armagnac 25ml £7.99


Lamb’s Navy 25ml £3.99
Bacardi 25ml £3.99


Vielle Reserve 25ml £4.99


Gordon’s & Tonic 25ml £3.99
Bombay Sapphire 25ml £5.25


ROI Soleil XO 25ml £3.99
Vecchia Romagna 25ml £3.99

Draught Beer

Peroni Pint £5.55
Peroni Half Pint £2.95


Smirnoff 25ml £3.99


Bianco 50ml £3.50
Rosso 50ml £3.50
Dry 50ml £3.50
Cinzano 50ml £3.50


Cream Las Tres Candidas 50ml £1.99
Sacromonte, Fino 50ml £1.99

Liqueuers and Specialities

Liqueur D’Armour Des Mousquetaires 25ml £3.50
Pimm’s 25ml £3.50
Malibu 25ml £3.50
Amaretto 25ml £3.99
Tia Maria 25ml £3.99
Cointreau 25ml £3.99
Grand Marnier 25ml £3.99
Archers 25ml £3.50
Campari 25ml £3.50
Cherry Brandy 25ml £4.20
Sambuca (Black and White) 25ml £2.99
Limoncello 25ml £2.99
Strega 25ml £3.99
Amaro 25ml £3.99
Grappa 25ml £3.99
Bailey’s 50ml £3.80